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Re: Hedge Wizards (was Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.)

ErolB1@aol.com wrote:
Speaking of which: Do any of the list members have any good "hedge wizard" spells, spells that would be useful for a peasant farmer to occasionally buy (but not so good as to be "must haves")?

Here are a few suggestions along those lines. For those of the metric persuasion, I'll apologize in advance for using antiquated measurements. Feel free to comment (as if I need to tell anyone that), especially if you see a potential for wily players to do Excessive Things with the spells.

Repair (IQ 9, 3 fST) The Repair spell fixes broken items. It will rejoin two pieces of an object that has been broken, for instance a rope that has snapped or a board that has been sawn or chopped through. Only minor amounts of material may be missing (for instance the sawdust from a cut board). The quality of the repair depends on how well the two pieces fit together but in most cases the repair is perfect. Nothing larger than six inches in diameter can be rejoined with this spell.

Reconstitute (IQ 12, 4 fST) Similar to the Repair spell, Reconstitute will restore an item of up to 20 pounds, no matter how many fragments into which it has been broken. At least 90% of the item must be present. It will not restore chemical alterations; an item that has been burned or dissolved can not be Reconstituted. The workings of the spell will not forcibly drive out one object from another. For example it will not fix a nail-hole if the nail is still in the hole.

Burnish (IQ 8, 1 fST) This spell will remove rust or other oxidation from metal items having a total surface area of no more than 12 square feet. If multiple items are to be affected they must all be touching. It can affect a large box of tools, weapons or nails, or a section of a larger surface. If cast on rust-free items it renders them polished and (if appropriate) sharpened.

Charm Vermin (IQ 9, 1 fST) Affects vermin of up to rat-size in the megahex surrounding the caster. Only the type of creature specified by the caster is affected. Affected vermin will docilely follow the caster for 15 minutes if they are physically able. For instance the caster could walk through a house, casting this on occasion, to rid it of mice or roaches. When the spell ends the creatures resume their normal activities, although the caster will often lead them into a stream to drown them or an enclosed area to trap them. Note that the spell will 'penetrate' into holes at least as large as the vermin themselves; it can draw termites from wood or rats from their dens.

[The item version of this spell of course would require a musical instrument.]

Separate (IQ 10, 2 fST) Affects a single hex of material (approximately 10 cubic feet). The caster names a particular sort of substance present in the hex and it is drawn forth from the remainder. It can draw pure water from mud, separate coins by type, wheat from chaff, etc. The spell will not break chemical bonds, so for instance it can't draw iron from iron ore. Living organisms and components thereof can not be affected by the spell, nor will the Separated material burst through sealed containers or other substantial barriers.

Heat/Cool (IQ 8, 1+ ST) This spell raises or lowers the temperature of a single solid item (or body of liquid) weighing no more than 20 pounds. The temperature is shifted 10 degrees Fahrenheit per point of fST invested. The item radiates heat according to its adjusted temperature. The effect lasts for 24 hours. Living creatures can not be affected. It can be used to make ice or a lightless 'campfire'. Gasses can not be affected by the spell, nor can any substance be heated to the point where it would become gaseous.

Remove Blemish (IQ 11, 4 fST) Remove Blemish removes imperfections from organic material. It can remove knots from wood planks, stains from cloth, etc. Each casting will affect up to 50 pounds of material. It will even remove minor skin blemishes such as warts from a living creature, though congenital defects will re-appear in d6 days unless unless the caster makes his DX roll by eight or more.

Remove Defect (IQ 14, 6 fST) The effect of this spell is generally similar to Remove Blemish, but it can heal somewhat larger deformities. For instance a badly twisted piece of wood could be restored. In the case of living creatures it will affect congenital deformities on the order of a harelip or club foot, though it can not make the blind see or restore a paralyzed limb. As with Remove Blemish such defect will re-appear in d6 days unless the caster makes his DX roll by eight or more.

Proof (IQ 9, 1 or 2 fST) This spell will affect up to fifty square feet of material, rendering it impermeable to water (1 fST) or air (2 fST). Nothing with large gaps or holes can be affected. For instance it can render a sack capable of holding water, but will not make chainmail waterproof. The effects last one week.

Rotproof (IQ 10, 3 fST) A casting of the Rotproof spell affects up to 100 pounds of material, which will then not decay for a period of one month. Meat or vegetables will not rot, metal will not rust, etc. Living creatures can not be affected. Of course the spell will not prevent pests from infesting or devouring affected materials.
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