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Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

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From: "Cas and Lisa (also Silvia, Max & Viveka) Liber"
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> > So, a figure with ST 10, DX 10, IQ 10 and 4 talent points would be
> > considered a 32 point character and would get 14 IQ points worth of
> talents
> > (10 for IQ and 4 for talent points).
> ------------------------------------
> Hmmmmm I like it............Ty did you post this one before and I miss it?

Uh, well, I thought I did <scratches head>, but I can't seem to recall
specifically doing so.

> And then does it follow that they still have the rate of XP needed for
> point as being without the 'talent' points? If so that becomes a very
> attractive option, especially when one gets the IQ and prerequisites for
> some juicy talents. I can see this allowing PCs to utilize and expand
> well and yet remain as mid-point characters for a while and expanding the
> length of the game before the PCs grow too powerful to unbalance the game
> a later stage.

I always counted the talent points as 1/2 an attribute point for EP
progression. However, if you wanted to encourage more talents but not high
IQs, your suggestion would go further down that track. Either way, it
decouples IQ and the breadth of talents a character can have.

Yet with the IQ prerequisites, there's still plenty of reason for some kinds
of characters to take IQ.

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