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Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

> So, a figure with ST 10, DX 10, IQ 10 and 4 talent points would be
> considered a 32 point character and would get 14 IQ points worth of
> (10 for IQ and 4 for talent points).
Hmmmmm I like it............Ty did you post this one before and I miss it?
And then does it follow that they still have the rate of XP needed for next
point as being without the 'talent' points? If so that becomes a very
attractive option, especially when one gets the IQ and prerequisites for
some juicy talents. I can see this allowing PCs to utilize and expand quite
well and yet remain as mid-point characters for a while and expanding the
length of the game before the PCs grow too powerful to unbalance the game at
a later stage.
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