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Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

In a message dated 9/14/2003 1:07:27 AM Central Daylight Time, 
rsmith@lightspeed.ca writes:

>    For a long time I felt that there was not
> enough memory for PC's in TFT.  One of the first
> things I tried was halving the cost of talents.
> But this seemed like too much.  Then I lowered
> the cost of SOME talents (including some to 0.5
> memory cost).  Eventually I made the superscript 
> rules.

The need for more memory has to be one of the most house-ruled areas in TFT. 

My own early efforts were 1/4 point "hobby" talents (and 1/4 point "pidgin" 
languages) and the "genius rule" where high IQ characters can learn low-IQ 
talents at half cost.

I still use the hobbies, but the "genius rule" ran into trouble with players 
who wanted low IQ (and high St) for roleplaying reasons. (For players willing 
to buy up their IQ scores into the 16-20+ range, it worked well.)

So my latest version, not yet tried in actual play, is to use a varient of 
the "genius rule" for wizards ("Talents cost double for wizards, unless the 
talent is listed as having the same cost for wizards as non-wizards, *or unless* 
the wizard has an IQ score 6 points above the minimum required. Thus an IQ 13 
wizard could learn Sword for the normal 2 points, instead of 4.") 

Non-wizard PCs just get twice their IQ in talents, spells and languages. (vs 
non-heroic mundane NPCs who get only their IQ worth). I *am* a bit worried 
that this might over do it, but OTOH I'm just as happy to have a way to 
distingish Heroes from ordinary folk that isn't based purely on raw attribute total. 

>    I was thinking of ruling that any spell or 
> talent could be bought 3 different ways. 

[snip proposed house rule]

Interesting. Let us know how it turns out. 

Erol K. Bayburt
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