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Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

> For a long time I felt that there was not
> enough memory for PC's in TFT.  One of the first
> things I tried was halving the cost of talents.
> But this seemed like too much.  Then I lowered
> the cost of SOME talents (including some to 0.5
> memory cost).  Eventually I made the superscript
> rules.

Geez, I feel like a curmudgeon. I've never felt that PCs had too few talents
and spells. One of the finer points of TFT is that one roleplays the
character, not the character's sheet. Figure out what character you want,
then write it up. It's not too hard. If you've got something truly unique,
discuss with the GM making a new talent or 2 on a trial basis.

Biggest problem seems to be that people want 32 point characters with as
many skills as 50 pointers.

That said, Ty's rules aren't so unreasonable.

> Now in my campaign, I wanted to fight
> 'industrial disease' in magic.  One of the ways
> to make it more dangerous and unpredictable that
> I tried, was making a D&D like spell backlash
> table.

I have a little different way of combatting industrial magic. In the only
area where you could realistically do it, it's already being done (though
the PC's don't know it). We wouldnt' want any accidents happening to someone
trying to go into business for himself now, would we?

> Now in my campaign I've added a LOT of
> talents, especially non-combat talents.  I've
> noticed that with new players, my pad of
> talents is beginning to become intimidating to
> them simply because there are SO MANY.  Thus I
> have started looking to keep ways to cut back
> the number of talents.  However I like to have
> ways for people to improve themselves by gaining
> more skills rather than wholesale upping of
> attributes.   Also TFT already has a lot of
> "Master This" and "Expert That" talents.

I haven't added too many, other than some mundane Talents. About the only
one is allowing Fencing on any of the basic weapon Talents (other than Bow
and XBow, which have it elsewhere).

And the ill-fated Wrestling Talents.

(PC's were starting in a mining town, where wrestling for money was done.
PC's wanted a way to improve, so came the wrestling talent, which added to
their rolls. Fairly low IQ stuff, and not too useful in real combat except
for HTH. But it did give a boost to incomes for a couple of characters.)

Neil Gilmore
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