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Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

<three steps of talent/spell cost and effectiveness>

It's a very good idea, it provides 'better-than' for the players who are
building character concepts.  And the bonus is not so huge as to swamp the
overall system.  A little thought-testing:

4 points for Sword:  Don't miss on 16-18?  Or just don't fumble?  Can't
really roll one less die in a sword-on-sword fight, but what about opponent
rolling one _more_ die?  (Two such characters balance out, but in a
slower-death way than the usual 'first swing wins' of canonic high-stat

2 points for Trance.  2 points for LD Teleport.  2 points for Summon Demon.
All scary, need detailed treatment.

2 points for Missle Spell 'X'...  rolling 2 dice?  I think I'd allow this
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