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(TFT) Re: 1 in 300 are Wizards , plus some "lethality notes"

..incidentally....the 1 in 300 aptitude for wizardry is (unlike other things
in TFT) a bit arbitrary, has anyone elaborated on criteria for this?

Hello All,

I was trying to come up with a good analogy.... Most of the Wizards are the stay in town, 8 hours a day, working at the local guild or in their basement They eat their meals at home and they are sporting a few extra pounds at the waist line.

According to the Dept. of Labor, 1 of 363 Americans over age 16 are doctors/surgens.

How many enjoy spelunking? Fencing? I don't know. For adventure, the group Doctors Without Borders stated they had 130 volunteers last year. And many of those are from overseas, and some are nurses.

The player character is not the average Joe..., he is an Olympic class athlete with a sharp weapon.

There are a lot of pilots, but not many stunt pilots or test pilots.

I ran a campaign for about ten years. When a character was killed I took the sheet from the player, scribbled a quick note about what happened to him/her, and threw it into my "dead file". I used the file for instant NPC types when I was in a hurry.

Tonight I pulled out a half inch stack and made a quick count. 154 characters, 114 were humans, 9% were wizards. Thirty were killed as 32 point characters, ten more before 36 points were reached.

I will make a "census" style spread sheet and post the results if anyone is that interested.

Alan Resmondo

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