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Re: (TFT) Re: 1 in 300 are Wizards , plus some "lethality notes"

Alan - great idea, love to see it. As a GM I tried doing something similar
about 20 years ago but i can't find it. In yours, you mention (% wizards. Is
this because they generally live longer?
What we did was use lined paper with each descending line equalling one
adventure, with characters' names above and vertical lines descending
representing their lifelines (with a squiggly line if they left on a
journey, stayed home and healed etc.). Then it ended when that character
died. New characters appeared on the lines where they joined the party.
Thus, the number of lines equalled the longevity of the character
I can't find the &%%^# thing now, but recall the wizards generally greatly
outliving heroes and many dying at 1 adventure but the death rate dropping
away as they advanced in points.

> Tonight I pulled out a half inch stack and made a quick count.  154
> characters, 114 were humans, 9% were wizards.  Thirty were killed as 32
> point characters, ten more before 36 points were reached.
> I will make a "census" style spread sheet and post the results if anyone
> that interested.
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