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Re: Hedge Wizards (was Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

Erol - given that, I would suspect only the very rich would place them on
heavy things - given this is a world where LIGHT spells are expensive. Why
have a stuck light when you can move one around? I guess what I would think
people would do is put a LIGHT item in a cage in a ceiling recess type thing
with a few LOCK spells on it or something. Anyway, depends on the setting,
if a person lived in a Cidri version of the south Bronx then yeah I could
see security taking priority over utility.

> Not all Light items are gems, or even things that could be slipped into a
> pocket. A Light item might well be a chandelier, a floor-standing
candelabra, a
> square-meter metal plate... Not as big as a horse, but still heavy and
bulky -
> and unlike horses, they can't move themselves. A pocket-Light is handy in
> way these aren't, but the larger versions would still be useful to a
> non-traveling householder.
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