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Re: Hedge Wizards (was Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

In a message dated 9/19/2003 5:42:01 PM Central Daylight Time, 
casliber@ozemail.com.au writes:

> Erol - it is a lot easier to steal (and conceal/dispose of) a LIGHT gem 
> than
> a horse. 

Not all Light items are gems, or even things that could be slipped into a 
pocket. A Light item might well be a chandelier, a floor-standing candelabra, a 
square-meter metal plate... Not as big as a horse, but still heavy and bulky - 
and unlike horses, they can't move themselves. A pocket-Light is handy in a 
way these aren't, but the larger versions would still be useful to a 
non-traveling householder. 

Erol K. Bayburt
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