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Re: (TFT) what story to write?

Thanks a lot. My question has been answered. I see now that our views are very similar, and in many ways. A couple of examples on why I was in doubt. Some of my players have exhibited the strangest tendencies.

One character, "Eric Ack-bee", made a deal with a demon to sacrifice five humanoid souls in exchange for a character point every time he did so. Another character, "Cloaker -now called- Croaker" sold his soul for a wish. Another character, "Gornack", just outright sold his soul. He forgot to ask for anything in exchange. Another character "Sir Glen's" (possesive apostrophy "s" on the end of the character's name was something the player was into) would just shoot any major NPC he met in the head. For no reason what-so-ever. 'Oh, he's the head of the guild? "Twaaangggg"' Not any more!' Another, "Joel Mohammed" would crush the skull of his enemy with his boot. Every time. Even when they were already dead. And lastly, there was the time where the entire party decided to fore-go the adventure, and kill each other off instead.

Now granted, over 20 years of TFT campaigns these were very rare and isolated cases, but I was begining to doubt. My personal preferance as a GM is to encourage the players to avoid fights when ever possible. Through thinking ahead, fast talking, or sheer chuzpah. I prefer fights that feel like they have started because of some surprise or missunderstanding. Not out of sheer blood lust. And I particularly like campaigns based on resistance against some kind of oppression. As this favors the formation of a small elite resistance unit. Infact the formation of a small unit of coplimentary characters is my absolute favorite thing to see. In fact the only reason I even wrote the solo adventures is because someone on the newsgroup had asked for some about 2 years ago. I don't even know if they are still subscribed.

What I would like to do now is write a few squad based scenarios. I haven't done this before because of two major limitations. Not being able to post nice looking maps in CourierNew font. So I will just provide links to the maps from the posts (Dave Seagraves' Thail campaign is the example to meet here.) And an overwhelming number of variables when dealing with all the possible small unit combinations availiable to players. I have finally come up with a tenative solution to the last hurdle by reading the comments on 'do inteligent monsters think they are monsters.' I'm just going to design the adventure and the squads of bad guys. The group of 'good' guys is totally up to the players. The group dynamics for the bad guys is what I was hung up on. Exactly how self aware of their own evil should I make them. The consensus, and I agree, is almost zero. They will think they are doing right. Or to put a finer point on it. They will fail to even consider what anyone else thinks. I feel I can provide GM's with some interesting gangs of bad guys. My consern was that the more I thought about a group of bad guys that took pride in their own evil ways, the more repulsed I was by what came into my mind. I think now I can make a group that is still a threat while being a little bit foolish at the same time. In fact they might even be amusing. If I roll triple damage in writing any of these scenarios I might even make a player laugh. Now that's the kind of story telling I can enjoy.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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