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(TFT) sociopaths and vampires

what produces antisocial people is physical and emotional abuse - if you
went to a jail and  interviewed the true sociopaths AND were able to get an
honest recall of their upbringings (this is rare, most of these people
idolise their parents, even  abusive and neglectful ones ), you'd get
something like a 99% rate of these events, and if you throw in some serious
sexual abuse you get very twisted people indeed. When pedophiles are
interviewed, only a minority report being molested themselves, yet when
asked to describe their earliest experiences they almost always contain
coercive sex with an older person when the (young) pedophile was a minor.
I know this sounds very dogmatic and I apologise to any out there with
antsoical relatives but to explain the background would take a long long
long time and not really germane to TFT.

Having said all this, I remember DMing a game in D&D where everyone was
evil........and true to form everyone ended up double crossing and killing
I agree the idea of playing a monster only has merit if the monster has some
inherent goodness or whatever.

As far as vampire books, I found the Lumley/Necroscope books dealt with the
devious and unwholesome nature of them best, while the Anne Rice books,
while I liked them when I read them, were essentially soap operas with lots
of 'good' vampires in them and little deviousness.
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