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(TFT) what story to write?

Hi all,
I've been outlining some new tft adventure stories to write. And I must admit I'm a little unsure what the reaction has been so far. That is to say, I'm not sure what you would like to see more of. One friend, Murphy Michael Lafleur, contacted me and said "I finally went on the vampire adventure in the swamp. I want to be the vampire. Finish that!" I just shook my head. I've had six requests (seven now) for much more on being a vampire. Why does everyone want to be the bad guy? So I asked him. He said "For the power. I want the power." I can understand that, but my outline for being a vampire contains a little too much in the way of errotic, bloody, and dehumanizing behaviour. The real fun for me writting these has been writing in a "rated g" format but with a very adult feel to them. Writing an adventure where the character crosses the line and actually plays a vampire (or even a demon) is a little too much of a challenge for me.

So my question to the group is this; do inteligent monsters know that they are monsters. The kind of self awareness that comes along with going against the civilized norm seems to say no. And if that falls flat I have another question. Can anyone throw me a bad guy plot idea that I can take, make my own, and write another solo for. I fear I'm a little too stuck in my own world view, and I could use a fresh approach.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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