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Re: (TFT) what story to write?

David Michael Grouchy II writes:
So my question to the group is this; do inteligent monsters know that they are monsters.

Interesting question.  I would tend to say no but with a caveat.
My guess is that most 'monsters' has their own culture they don't
see anything wrong with that - otherwise they would change it.
The obvious caveat here is for 'crossover' monsters, e.g, vampires,
werewolves and the like.  Things that were once human (and thus
had a human sense of values) BEFORE they became a 'monster'.
I think mainly its an "us vs them" mentality.  Any creature whose
value system differs greatly from the norm of human values is
termed a monster.  Note that there are Human Monsters as well -
Hannibal Lecter, etc.  But does a monster know its a monster?
With the exception of crossovers, I would say no. Dan =====
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