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Re: (TFT) what story to write?

> So my question to the group is this;  do inteligent monsters know that 
> they are monsters.  The kind of self awareness that comes along with going 
> against the civilized norm seems to say no. 

[ The following are all just my opinions on the matter. ]

I think the answer varies depending on the monster.  

Some are just raiders, orcs/ogres=barbarians / humans = romans 
is often the basic relationship in TFT.   No real EVIL necessarily on 
either side, the opposition can be just a situational thing.  Do the
orcs and ogres think of themselves as "evil"?  I doubt it.  

Some, like vampires, are parasites.  Oh, they're all high and mighty with 
their big eyes and their snotty sayings, but there really just leeches in capes.
(Note: this whole equation changes if they can drink blood other than human
blood and CHOOSE not to, I can't recall the TFT convention on that point just 
now.)  Their "evil" is basically maliciousness that comes from an angsty 
self-loathing derving from their ultimately inferior status.  Do they think of
themselves as "evil"?  I'd say so, in a pasty goth with a gun sort of way.

Note: when I say 'parasite' the idea is that they are a parasite on human
society as a whole, not on an individual.  Of course they outclass your
average human.

With demons, you can play it however you like, the background for these
things is so sketchy.  Maybe they're malign, you can always play the old
"they feed on human suffering" card.  Maybe they're just powerful creatures
that are callous and take little notice of humans.  Do they think of themselves
as evil?  Maybe...
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