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(TFT) Monsters

The word "monster" is a term used to label some outsider as a target, by using fear, tribal feelings, and language to incite others to consider them as a foe of humanity, and to discard their own human compassion.

It's similar to the modern political usage of "terrorist" and "criminal". Or, as Stan mentioned, to the ancient Roman use of "barbarian". See also the intolerant religious use of "heathen", "pagan", "infidel", "witch", "devil worshipper", etc.

Humans also use the term "animal" to help vindicate themselves in doing anything they like to non-humans.

As for the people and creatures such terms are used against, they of course have their own world views, and only a very few of them match the fears and vilifications of those who label them as enemies.

In a fantasy game, often the world descriptions and characters entirely accept such labels, which usually makes sense. The GM and players can decide whether they just want some clear-cut good vs. evil mayhem, or what shades of grey and cultural sophistication they do or don't want to include.

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