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Re: (TFT) what story to write?

one of the intersting things in my job is when I interview
sociopathic/antisocial people and it is amazing to hear how they describe
the world with a pervasive sense of blamelessness on their part - nothing is
ever their fault. I think a large part of it is ingrained/subconscious.
Thus for most minor monsters I think of them this way - the only way they
relate to others is by force, either exploit or be dominated and get away
with whatever they can get away with. This is independent of intelligence
and many smart entities can be so like this as to be unable to act
collabotatively with others (I think most dragons would fall in this

Other creatures which may be more sociable but so happen to eat people -
some neutral vampires may fall into this category (bit like how a farmer's
kid is quite happy patting the baby lamb, but also quite happy to eat it a
bit later), there is a variety of ways  they can deal with their bloodlust -
accept it , enjoy it, be tormented by it etc.

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