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Re: (TFT) TFT fans, represent!

--- Charles Gadda <cgadda@earthlink.net> wrote:
> The counters are incredible. Better than many of the
> originals.

Yes, truly superior.  I have been back-burnering a
text index, which I could push to this list, if
there's any interest.  Perhaps someone could help
identify the traveller critters?  My Traveller
exposure predates those alien races.

> I do have a question, though, for anyone who saw the
> thread before the
> cowards yanked it.

I have to object to 'cowards'.  Some of the RPGnet
mods are jumpy, but I don't think a true coward would
set themselves up to anger people, or accept
responsibility a Sherrif in such a town.

 There was one fellow who was
> unapologetic about putting
> the link up. He claimed to work for Gamelords (the
> folks who did alot of the
> Land Beyond the Mountains stuff just before
> Metagaming went T. U.) and was
> seriously annoyed at the way HT had pulled the plug
> on their work at the
> end. Did anybody catch his name or contact info? I
> had asked some questions
> regarding some of the projects in work at the end,
> and had hoped to chat
> with him more.

If you can get to RPGnet, it's permitted to post a
thread "ISTKO: Gamelords/Metagaming", saying what you
said above.  Likely your man will reply.

> > http://www.geocities.com/kingmarco66/

Link left in because it rocks.  :)
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