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(TFT) Gamelords

Charles,  I would like to know this too!  It certainly is not Kerry Lloyd as he passed away many years ago.  I began using Gamelords Free City of Haven even before Gamelords put out the TFT stuff.  As a matter of fact, I was one of the first folks to buy Dihad because they release it at a con at Widener University in PA.  What was it in 1980 or 81?  I remember I had to wait until Sunday because they had the innards of the module but not the cover.  I bought it from Kerry.  As a result of this I bought almost all of the Thieves Guild stuff to use with TFT and came up with a system to convert characters from one to the other.    Yours in Cidri, Justin

From: "Charles Gadda" 
Subject: Re: (TFT) TFT fans, represent!

The counters are incredible. Better than many of the originals.

I do have a question, though, for anyone who saw the thread before the
cowards yanked it. There was one fellow who was unapologetic about putting
the link up. He claimed to work for Gamelords (the folks who did alot of the
Land Beyond the Mountains stuff just before Metagaming went T. U.) and was
seriously annoyed at the way HT had pulled the plug on their work at the
end. Did anybody catch his name or contact info? I had asked some questions
regarding some of the projects in work at the end, and had hoped to chat
with him more.

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