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RE: (TFT) Index of King Marco's Counters

You could augment the Traveller section slightly if you wanted to in the
following manner:

> travellers.pdf
> EVA suits:
> Female, Carbine
> Carbine
> Big guy, heavy gun, backpack
> Female, Submachinegun
> Rifle
> Imperial Officers:
> Female, Pistol and Sword
> Pistol and Sword
> Sword and Pistol
> Female, Sword and Pistol
> Shotgun

Imperial Soldiers wearing reflec armor
> Female, Light armor, Rifle
> Light armor, Submachinegun
> Light armor, Rifle
Note: All races shown are Major Races in Traveller (i.e. races that have
independently developed interstellar travel)
> Vargr: created from Terran canine stock by the Ancients
> Zhodani (human with highly developed psionic powers) Turban and armor,
Sword and Hvy Pistol
> Droyne, batwings, handheld device: very similar social structure to
the Hymenopterans

also on
> outsourcedmonsters.pdf

> Harpy? Female Winged Humanoid - This is correct

> Goatman, Spiked Club - These are most likely Broos from Runequest
> Goatman, Spiked Club
> Goatman, Spear and shield

> 3-Hx Tailess Lizardman, four arms, four swords - This could be a
Barsoomian native (Martian) ala Tars Takus, anyone else agree?
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