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Re: (TFT) TFT fans, represent!

I was going to suggest the following additions/corrections:

> alternateearthers.pdf
> Aztecs:
> Wizard (make a good Toltec Brujo, as well)
> Macahuitl Warrior (looks like a Jaguar warrior, judging from the skin he's
> Dagger Wizard (another good Brujo)
> Mace and Shield, Priest? (looks non-Aztec. Inka or Mayan?)
> Spear and Shield (ditto)
> Trojans: (actually, Greeks)
> Beaked Helm Knights: (actually a Pig Faced Bascinet, but who's counting?)
> Gunpowder Knights: (better term might be Renaissance Men at Arms)
> Lizardmen: (I bet these are for the LBTM - the hi tech folks from Soukhor
that had the Reptile Man legion
> Long Rifle (Christ! That looks like  a BAR...! Heavy duty firepower - as
if Reptile men aren't dangerous enough!)
> monsters1.pdf
> Phorhacos (Sword-beaked carnivorous 'ostrich') (could also be Diatryma, a
similar critter)
> Sabertooth (actually, sabretooths had bobtails; this is probably a
Scimitar cat)
> monsters2.pdf
> 4-hx plesiosaur (perhaps an "Uncle Teeth"?)
> 4-hx Tyranosauroid (judging from the smaller size and three fingered
forearms, this is most probably Allosaurus fragilis)
> moria.pdf
> 6-hx Balrog with Whip and Sword (NASTY!!!)
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