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RE: (TFT) TFT fans, represent!

>Yes, truly superior.  I have been back-burnering a
>text index, which I could push to this list, if
>there's any interest.  Perhaps someone could help
>identify the traveller critters?  My Traveller
>exposure predates those alien races.

Which would put you in a VERY narrow range of years, as the (row 4) Vargr 
(wolf) and Aslan ("felinoid") , (row 5) Hiver (the starfish looking dude) and 
K'kree (militant vegetarian centaur), and (row 6) Vegan (long neck) and Droyne 
(bat wings) have been part of Traveller for all but the first two years or so of 
it's long existence.

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