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(TFT) Collection sale phase 3 - Interplays and Microquests

So far about 2/3 of the items I've offered for sale have found a home here on the list.  I'm now up to the third listing - Interplays and Microquests.  

So if anyone is interested in the products listed below to fill out their collection, write to me between now and Sunday, and if more than one person wants a given item I will continue to have my wife draw names from a hat.


$5 INTERPLAY #2...Good condition

$5 INTERPLAY #3...Good condition

$5 MicroQuest #3  Grail Quest...Box(heavy wear), original counter sheet and book, map (replacement). [I added a brand new box and the errata card - and no map came with this micro quest ]

$3 MicroQuest #4  Treasure of the Silver Dragon...Box(heavy wear), original booklet, but counter's and map missing

$8 MicroQuest #5  Security Station...Box (heavy wear), original counter sheet,book and map.

$8 MicroQuest #6  Treasure of Unicorn Gold...Box (heavy wear), original counter sheet, book and map.

$5 MicroQuest #7  Master of the Amulets...Box (heavy wear), counters (cut), book and map. [ I swapped a new box and uncut counters]

$5 MicroGame #18 Lords of the Underearth...Box (missing), original.counter sheet, map and book [ I added new box]

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