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Re: (TFT) sociopaths and vampires

This is way less useful than the excellent treatises by Cas and rsmith. But I wanted to point it out. There have been many cases where two cultures regarded each other (and often with very good reasons) as "evil", even though the two were not natural enemies (except for competing for resources). Amerinds vs. European "settlers" is a prime example. True, the Europeans started the mess by trying to edge out the indians. But there was a long time where each culture indoctrinated its members that the others were evil, to the point that they expected horrible behaviour from the otherand gave (and expected) no quarter when they met. I'd say that given the natural antipathy between vampires and normal humans, if there are cultural influences at work, each would regard the other as "evil" sheerly due to historic inertia - and each group would probably perform acts which would perpetuate the stereotypes.
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