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RE: (TFT) Gamelords

I plopped the Elyntia map down in my Laassamma
campaign world.  A few thousand km away, I put
the Thorez.

I never minded that they did not give maps showing
huge continent scale areas, it made it easier to
find a corner where I could put in the map.


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I built my enormous 7-year campaign around the Elyntia map in ITL. It
extends the map many times in all directions. I was always curious how many
other players built campaigns around that ITL map. We had three other
campaigns with the same ITL style of maps.

I had LBTM and Underearth but didn't think they were very compatible with
what I had done. I was disappointed that LBTM didn't have much
campaign-level detail, particularly on its maps.

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