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Re: (TFT) An Even More Radical Re-Imagining of TFT...

> > Too many dies rolls.
> No more than would occur in a normal TFT fight.

I must not have followed correctly. If, for every action, the attacker and
defender both roll, that's twice as many, right?

> > > 5. A defending figure adds 5 (or 3 if using 3d6) to his roll, but
> > hits
> > > a foe.
> >
> > This definitely messes up the bell curve.
> Howso? If you use 3d6, the bell curve is preserved and 3 is a close
> approximation of the effect of adding a 4th die. Is the 4d6 bell curve
> really all that fabulous?

Adding 3 instead of another die messes up the bell curve. A 4d6 bell curve
is even more pronounced in the middle than 3d6, though the effects at the
end are mitigated somewhat by adjusting critical success and failure.

Adding 3 is >not< a very close approximation (my opinion). It moves the 50%
point from 10 to 13. On a 4d6 curve, there's no 50% point, because the
center of the curve is at 14 (on 3d6 it's at 10.5, really). Think of it as
taking the center of the 3d6 curve, 10.5, and adding an average d6, 3.5, to
make 14. And the curve is 'steeper' at 4d6, though the effects are mitigated
somewhat by the changes in stitical success and failure.

Neil Gilmore
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