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Re: (TFT) An Even More Radical Re-Imagining of TFT...

At 10:24 AM 1/21/04 -0600, Ty Beard wrote:
From: "Neil Gilmore" <raito@raito.com>
> I could see allowing a figure to reduce their DX in order to reduce
> opponent's DX, but not increase it. If you don't have the technique, going
> all out does NOT guarantee that you'll throw an effective blow.

No, but all out aggressiveness and a willingness to take a shot probably
does. It does in martial arts (my only area of experience) at any rate.

We call it the all-out blitz rule and it's very popular with my players.

The problem I see is the "by any amount" part, combined with the lack of defensive ability in the system without something like Option 4. Example:

Captain Kill - 32-point Dwarf
ST 16   DX 7   IQ 9
Fine Battle Axe 3d+2
Fine Plate, Veteran (stops 8 hits/attack)
Adj DX 3

Captain Kill walks up to three foes with weapons that do 1d+2 damage, and says he is doing a "blitz" attack, and would like 16 points of extra attack skill. He rolls d20 to hit each one - if he rolls a 1, that's a critical miss anyway, but if he rolls a 2-20, that's a 21 - a hit. Foes are goin' down! Ka-blitz ka-blitz ka-blitz - 3d+2 to three opponents. Bye!

Meanwhile, the foes get excited for a second about their +16 to hit him back - except their weapon only does 1d+2, so they have no chance to do any damage except on a critical hit.

It's almost like the One-Tub Bilge joke game in Interplay. Captain Kill gets a 95% chance to hit and probably kill each of his foes, and they get a 5% chance to maybe hurt him a bit.

So yes, all-out attack makes sense, but only if there is a limit. Again, see GURPS for a very comprehensive, if rule-laden, solution. A very basic form of the GURPS rule is an all-out attack can get a +4 to skill, but the attacker then gets no defense that turn. Of course, in TFT, no one gets a defense unless they use the Defend maneuver all turn. (From a GURPS perspective, TFT fighters always all-out attack.) One solution again is to use an Option 4 which takes into account the defender's AdjDX, and then add a large penalty to someone using the all-out attack, which would be limited to say a +4 (Captain Kill ends up with at most an attack skill of 7).

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