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RE: (TFT) TFT WW2 rules

Man to Man Skirmish Rules

1.0 Turn Sequence (Each side takes turn to move)
*	Movement and Actions
*	Ranged combat
*	Close combat and Riposte or Parry
*	Morale check

2.0 Basic Characters
Private	12	10	12	8	8
NCO	14	12	12	12	8
CO	10	14	12	14	8

3.0 Movement
One movement point is 1!1
Each 90 degrees turn requires 1 movement point
Each man must choose one of the following actions

Action	Notes
Run	Move straight ahead at up to x2 move rate making a turn at end of
Walk and Snap Shot	Move and turn up to move rate and Snap Shot, only 1
shot per round, no Close combat
Flee	Character must move at x2 rate directly towards unoccupied cover or
friendly table edge.
Charge	Move up to move rate, no turn, no Ranged combat Close combat at end
of turn; no parry or riposte
Change position	Change position from standing to prone or vice versa; no
Pivot	Pivot without moving, can make any combat without penalty
Aim	No movement ranged combat straight ahead, no automatic weapons.
Bonus for Ranged combat
Disengage	Move directly away from Close combat enemy
Action	Manipulate item, e.g. fix jammed weapon; no combat, no move.
Close combat	No move, no Ranged combat can Parry and Riposte

4.0 Combat
Ranged combat can occur depending on characters action; Close combat can
only occur if characters ore in base to base contact with enemy.
Three d6 are rolled and the score must be under the modified characters DEX
to hit the opponent, or the result is an automatic hit.
If a hit is scored by a Close Combat weapon it can be can be parried if the
target has a rifle in his hand by a successful DEX roll and the target
chose the Close Combat action. If the attacker failed to score a hit then
the target may make a Riposte attack which may be parried.

4.1 Ranged weapon modifiers
Modifier	Bonus / Penalty	Notes
Short range	+3	Target within 6!1
Extreme range	-6	Target beyond effective range
Aimed shot	+4	Character cannot move or pivot
Target moved fast	-2	Target moved more than 6!1
Additional Auto Wep target
Snap Shot	*	Snap shot penalty based on weapon type
Target prone	-3
Target in Soft Cover	-2/-6*	*If target is in full cover and hasn!/t
shot in previous round
Target in Hard Cover	-4/NP*	*If target is in full cover and hasn!/t
shot in previous round
Additional Target	-2	Target must be within 4!1 of previous

4.2 Close combat modifiers
Modifier	Bonus / Penalty	Notes
Charging into combat	-3	Double damage if hit

4.3 Infantry Weapons (WWII)
Weapon	Damage	(eff)
Range	Snap Shot	Shots per Round	Notes
Rifle	4	30	-6	1
Auto Rifle			-4	2
Pistol	2	12	-2	2
SMG	3	18	-2	3
LMG/HMG	5/6	60	NP	4
Grenade	4	12	-	-	Thrown weapon, 4!1 diameter area
Bayonet/Knife	2	-	-	-
Attached Bayonet	3	-	-	-	Can parry
Rifle Butt/Club	2	-	-	-	Can parry
Improvised	1	-	-	-	Also broken close combat

4.4 Critical Hits and Critical Failures
If a roll of 3-5 is scored when rolling to hit then a Critical Hit is
Roll	Result
5	Automatic hit no matter what the original score required
4	Critical hit, double damage
3	Critical hit, target killed instantly

If a roll of 16-18 is scored when rolling to hit then a Critical Failure
Roll	Result
16	Weapon misfired or automatic miss with Close combat weapon
17	Weapon jammed requires an action roll on INT to un-jam. Close
combat weapon dropped.
18	Weapon jammed requires an action roll on INT -4 to un-jam. Close
combat weapon broken. Grenade explodes in hand.

4.5 Damage
Once a successful hit has been scored against the target a damage roll is
made depending on weapon type. The result of the damage is applied and
compared to the targets STR.

Damage amount	Effect of Damage
Up to and equal (v STR	Target wounded all targets attributes are halved;
if wounded already then target is incapacitated.
Greater than (v STR up to STR	Target incapacitated for rest of game
More than STR	Target dead.

5.0 Morale
Each commander of a unit must make a LDR check when any of the following
apply in a given round.
*	Nearest CO is incapacitated or killed
*	More than one member of squad is incapacitated or killed in one
*	Unit under air, artillery or flame thrower attack that round.

Modifiers to LDR
Condition	Modifier	Condition	Modifier
CO or political officer within 6!1 of unit	+2	For each casualty
unit has suffered	-2
Unit in cover	+2	Unit under air, flame or rocket attack	-4
Unit supported by AFV within 12!1	+2	Green troops or lesser
trained troops	-4
Elite troops 	+4

Failure of LDR test results in the unit Fleeing (Flee action) directly
towards the nearest cover that is not occupied by the enemy at Run speed
every turn until a LDR roll is made by a non-fleeing CO or the cover is

If the unit is already in cover then the unit must move directly towards
the table edge at Run speed every turn until a LDR roll is made by a non-
fleeing CO or the table edge is reached. If table edge is reached then unit
is removed from the game. Units that are surrounded (i.e. enemy blocking
their retreat to the table edge) surrender.

6.0 Thrown and Indirect Fire
All off-table weapons require an on table spotter or CO with radio contact.

DEX is used for Thrown weapons to hit where INT of the spotter or firer is
used for indirect fire weapons.

Each weapon has an area effect template that is placed before the hit roll
is made. All bases of characters and vehicles that the area effect template
touches is considered to be attacked and damaged is applied accordingly.

A critical failure for off table artillery means that the shot is not fired
where as a critical hit is treated as a automatic hit.
If a building is a target of an indirect fire attack and a critical hit of
3 is rolled then it collapses incapacitating all inside.

6.1 Indirect Weapons
Weapon	Damage	Area of Effect	On or Off Table	Notes
Grenade	4	2	-	AP factor of 1
Grenade - smoke	-	4	-
Lgt Mortar (up to 80mm) 	5	3	On	AP factor of 1
Hvy Mortar (over 80mm)	6	4	Both	AP factor of 2
Lgt Artillery (75mm) Lgt Bomb (250lbs)	6	5	Off	AP factor
of 2
Md Artillery (76-122mm) Md Bomb (500lbs)	7	6	Off	AP
factor of 4
Hvy Artillery (125mm+) Hvy Bomb (1000lbs)	8	8	Off	AP
factor of 5

6.2 Modifiers to hit
Modifier	Bonus / Penalty	Notes
Firer under fire last round	-2
Spotter under fire last round	-2
Throwing through window	-6

6.3 Scatter
If indirect fire is missed then roll 1d6 for the direction that the area of
effect template is moved in; where 1 is directly away from the firer or
friendly player table edge.

	Distance the area effect template is moved
	Weapon	Distance in inches
	Thrown	1d6
	Mortars and HE AFV weapons	2d6
	Artillery	3d6
	Bombs	4d6

Shots that have scattered only cause (v damage rounded down.

6.4 Targets in cover
Characters that are in hard cover towards the centre of the area of effect
receive damage reduced by 4 hits on each dice rolled.
Characters in buildings that have not collapsed from hits from indirect
fire and are touched by the area of effect template receive damage reduced
by 6 hits on each dice rolled.

7.0 Damage to buildings
Buildings can be targeted by direct fire weapons that are capable of high
explosive rounds and by indirect fire area effect weapons such as grenades
and artillery.

Buildings can take cumulative damage up to their hit points. Once a
building takes more than its hit points it collapses from cumulative
damage. If the building receives more than half of its hit points of damage
from a single attack in one round then it collapses.

Building hit points
Buildings Material	Average Number of hits per floor
	Small 4x4	Medium 8x8	Large 12x12
Wood	12	24	36
Stone	24	36	48
Reinforced	36	48	72

8.0 AFV!/s

8.1 AFV Movement
AFV!/s movement rates are based on terrain. Cost for moving 1!1 outlined
Type	Road	Open	Rough	Swampy	Forest	Turn 60"*
Wheeled 	(v	1	2	4	4	1
Tracked	1	1	1	2	4	2
Reverse at (v speed.

8.2 AFV Combat
	Rolling to hit
AFV!/s use Fire Control ratings as a base number to hit.
AFV!/s cannot fire if vehicle has spent more than half its movement points.

Modifiers to hit for direct fire against AFC!/s and vehicles
Modifier	Bonus / Penalty	Notes
Target size	var	From AFV!/s details
Vehicle buttoned	-2	Or under fire in previous round
Target moving fast	-2	More than 6!1
Target in soft cover	-2
Target in hard cover	-4
Firer on move	-4

	High Explosive shots against soft targets
Place Area Effect Template on board where shot is to be made.

Modifiers to hit for high explosive fire against infantry and soft targets
including buildings.
Modifier	Bonus / Penalty	Notes
Vehicle buttoned	-2	Or under fire previous round
Firer on move	-4

If Shot misses then use scatter table and procedure in 6.3
Anything that touches the Area Effect Template takes hits. However the
damaged is halved and rounded down.

Critical Hits and Misses
If a roll of 3-5 is scored when rolling to hit then a Critical Hit is
Roll	Result
5	Automatic hit
4	Vulnerable location hit, shot penetrates armour automatically
3	Critical hit, target KO!/d instantly

If a roll of 16-18 is scored when rolling to hit then a Critical Failure
Roll	Result
16	Weapon misfired
17	Weapon jammed requires an action roll on INT to un-jam.
18	Weapon jammed requires an action roll on INT -4 to un-jam.

Check the diagram to determine where the shot has hit the AFV.

Penetrative and Non-penetrative hits
Once a hit is scored against an AFV then the Penetration value of the
shooter is compared against the armour factor of the vehicle. If the
penetration value is less than the armour value then the round does not
penetrate the AFV. However the crew will still need to make a moral test.

If the penetration value is equal or more than the armour value then the
shot penetrates and damage may be done to the vehicle.
Three dice is thrown and HE modifier of the weapon type is subtracted and
the result is compared to the table below.
Modified result	Effect of Damage
5 or less	Vehicle explodes causing 4d6 damage to anything within
6 - 15	Vehicle damaged, Roll d6 1-2 MG!/s destroyed, 3-4 vehicle
immobilised, 5-6 main gun destroyed. Moral test for crew.
16 or more	No damage, moral test for crew.

	Risk to crew
The crew are not represented in the game independently from the AFV!/s.
However if a hit is scored on a AFV then the crew must make a moral test.
They test as though they are a NCO as per infantry test. Failure of the
test means that they move backwards towards the table edge at (v speed. If
the AFV is immobilized and the crew fails the moral test then the crew
abandons the tank.

	Over-running infantry and crews
Each character will need to make a successful DEX roll to avoid being over
run by an AFV that touches or moves through its base in its round. Any
infantry that fail are killed. Any static pieces such as ATG!/s are

	Close assault
Characters can close assault AFV!/s and their success depends on numbers
attacking and the type of weapon being used.

Add to the base factor of 5
	+1 for each character using grenade, sticky bomb or Molotov.
	+2 for each character using satchel charge, panzerwurfmine, or Boys
	+3 for each character using bazooka, panzerfaust, Number 68 AT or

A roll equal or less than the modified close assault factor means that the
AFV is immobilised. A Critical hit KO!/s the Vehicle.
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