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Re: (TFT) How often should TFT swords Break

It's my understanding that the metal available during
the periods at which TFT is usually played simply
wasn't that good.

However, while I'd think you'd get a fair amount of
weapon snapping with knives, axe handles, ect, the
main problem with midevil european weapons as I
understand wasn't so much breakage as bending.  So I'd
probably have that happen more for great swords/broad

If I was for realism, I'd probably have both 3 and 18
break/bend weapons, as 1 in 100 for combat
circumstances, or if combat really takes 5 hits per
death, 1/20 deaths, doesn't seem too unlikely.

However, therein lies the problem.  To me, realism
isn't nearly as important as what makes the game
interesting/fun, which varies among different groups.
I guess if one of these things is realism, though,
this still could be applicable.

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