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Re: (TFT) Moving onto other figures


I've always used the Advanced Melee rules as the definitive book when it
comes to rules questions. Look at page 5 under Actions During Movement -
Jumping, etc. It states when you jump over a prone figure you have
expended 3 hexes of your MA in the jump. "It also requires a 3-die roll
against adjDX". When you enter a body hex by moving you must STOP (this
also requires a 3-die roll against adjDX to keep from falling). You can
not continue to move afterwards.

As for piling up the bodies in a hex my group has operated under the
house rule that you must roll a number of saving rolls equal to the
number of bodies in the hex, regardless if you are jumping them or
standing on them.

Hope that helps,
--David O. Miller
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