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Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT

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From: dwtulloh@zianet.com
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Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 13:20:52 -0600

>Ok, Im back ... and now that Im able to think more clearly ... 
>> The DX for the giant herbivores (apatosaurs, brachiosaurs, etc) 
>> seems high, particularly if they are being attacked by 
>Arrrgh ... I meant to say if they are ATTACKING humanoids. 

Possibly agreed.(best I can do B^)

>Regarding the herbivores: how long is the tail?  I think dragon's
>only get the hex immediately behind the body - but could dinos
>have a 3 or 4 hex tail?   I would think so ... 

Absolutely in fact some of them almost half of their length would 
be tail.

>I would think that the herbivores favorite attack would be a
>shield rush kind of maneuver. 
I think it would be to flee first and then any means necessary

>I didnt see it in your list ... but what about DILOPHOSAURUS
>(spelling?).  In JURASSIC PARK, this dino spit venom at its prey
>in order to blind it and make the prey an easy meal.   Maybe
>treat this as a thrown weapon with a -4 DX to get it in the eyes?
>( eyes are a small target, -6DX, but its a pretty big wad of spit,
>+2DX for a total of -4. )
Unfortunately that is the stuff of hollywood there is no evidence 
that Dilopho-whatever had any poison sacs like a spitting cobra
(they are noticable in the skull cavity of the cobra)but such 
could be in the realm of possibility. Look at ESTASIA for the 
poison. (the other thing in J Park that was hollywoodised were the 
velocoraptors they were actually either Deinonochus or Utahraptors)
>Interesting stuff, Robert!   Definitely some food for thought
Thanks these guys are one of my favorites

Robert Morger 
Pangaea_TFT Fantasy RPG adventure 
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