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Re: Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #629

I've been thinking about a "TFT-3D" version for some as
well.  I'm kinda stuck on the idea of "elevation levels",
each level being about 3 feet high.  Every counter would
have an elevation counter on top of it indicating that
figure's altitude above the terrain.

Of course this brings in the old LOS bugaboo and I gotta
find some easy way to calculate this that doesn't feel
kludgy (ie, Squad Leader).

> From: David Miller <djmiller@i-2000.com>
> Also: Has anyone checked out Hasbro's "HeroScape"? 
> It's a 3D hex based game complete with painted figures
> that reminds me just a little bit of a certain game 
> that most of us on this list enjoy greatly. I've been 
> toying with three dimensional Melee game boards 
> (hills, ravines, trees, etc.) for years now and it's
> interesting to see how Hasbro handled it.
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