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(TFT) Other games.

Hi David, Everyone.
   I have never tried Space Hulk.  I would not mind
learning the game, but the prices on Ebay are huge.

   In Dave Seagrave's TFT pbem game, Kathy is running
a battle with a HeroScape map.  It looks nice but I
confess a fondness of paper counters.  I can make 
my own monsters in a few seconds, and they are a LOT
cheaper than lead.


On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 15:22, David Miller wrote:
> Yea. I liked the first AH Starship Trooper game as well. Speaking of 
> science fiction genre games was anyone out there a fan of Space Hulk? ...
> Also: Has anyone checked out Hasbro's "HeroScape"? ...
> --David O. Miller
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