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Re: (TFT) First impressions on Dark City Games

-- Joe Hartley  wrote:-------------------------------------------------------------------
Earlier this week I received The Crown of Kings, the first release of
a TFT-compatible programmed adventure from Dark City Games.

I've got to congratulate these folks on a job very well done!  
My copy of Crown of Kings and the test market copy (lacking final artwork) of Island of Lost Spells are in the mail now, and I can hardly wait.  The expectation of maps and counters has me pretty fired up.
I cannot comment on the product yet, but I like the way the company is run already.  I got an e-mail telling me the order was shipping, and reminding me that the version of ISL I'd get was a test version and informing me that when the full version of ILS is available it will be shipped to me as well.  
I like that they've made a simplified ruleset available too, so newbies can play.  I am reminded of playing Death Test with just Melee.
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