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Re: (TFT) First impressions on Dark City Games and The Crown of Kings

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Very interesting. Thanks for the write-up! Seems interestingly different,
and worth a try to see how it plays... but with lots of stuff I like in
TFT missing. Personally, I think TFT itself (especially plain Melee and/or
Wizard) simple enough even for first-time players.

Agreed, but they aren't available (legally), unless you buy ancient copies on Ebay.

There are also some interesting bits in there which could be used as
optional rules for TFT. That is, start with TFT, but use parts of the
EP/Skill system instead of the TFT system, for example, or some
combination of the two systems. I like the idea of being able to use EP to
acquire talents in excess of the IQ limit. It seemed rather silly to me to
have TFT characters going to the Wizard's Guild to have their talents and
study slots erased by telepathy to make room in their heads for different

Me too. A version of this concept that would be applicable to TFT is at http://bigmurr.sasktelwebsite.net/blueTalents.html :

A formula determines the price: IQ point cost times Talent's IQ Level times 10.

For example:  Sword Talent:  2 x 7 x 10 = 140 Exp.
   Missile Weapons:  3 x 9 x 10 = 270 Exp.
   Courtly Graces:  1 x 11 x 10 = 110 Exp.
   Chemist:  3 x 13 x 10 = 390 Exp.

All prerequisites and rules for Talents apply. You have to have Physicker to get Master Physicker. You still need ST 14 to be a Warrior. It still takes time and teachers to learn a Talent. It still takes a minimum IQ of 10 to learn Naturalist.

   Languages are considered IQ 8 for this formula.

Now I can have an amazing super barbarian with every IQ 7 and IQ 8 Talent listed but without him having an IQ of 37.

Besides a more satisfactory GM Character design, this helped put some zest back into Players whose characters had hit the Big Exp Numbers. Saving 1,000 points or more for an attribute creates a certain apathy in Players. Having the option of cashing in those points for a new Talent gave them something to dream about."

--Ty =====
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