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Re: (TFT) First impressions on Dark City Games and The Crown of Kings

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At 12:56 PM 8/30/05 -0500, Ty Beard wrote:
Does this system have Engagement? (GURPS doesn't (but has other limits
which prevent excessive movement), which also adds to the chaos.)

Yes, but a moving figure is engaged only by figures that have not yet moved in the turn.

That's an interesting mechanic. Hmm. So, is it allowed for faster figures to delay their action, or declare a speed lower than their highest? Or, what prevents this from causing slower figures from having certain advantages over faster ones?

I didn't see a "hold" option, but we must bear in mind that these rules are *very* basic. I suspect that there isn't as much verbiage as appeared in the original Melee, *and* it includes spells. There is a "pass" option, but it only lets you dodge, counterattack or pre-emptively strike (see below); no movement.

Another change from TFT -- when a figure makes a melee attack, the target (if it hasn't yet performed an action) can:

(a) "dodge" -- makes a 3/DX roll, if successful, target moves 1 hex back and presumably the attack misses (this isn't explicitely stated in the rules).

(b) "counterattack" -- after the enemy damage is done, the target gets an immediate counterattack.

In either case, the target's turn is over. He can't move later in the turn.

No charge attacks with pole weapons.

Hand to hand combat is different as well. The attacker moves into the target's hex. The target gets a pre-emptive strike if he hasn't performed an action this turn. The attacker makes a 3/DX roll to win a "takedown". If he fails, the target may exit the hex or "win" the takedown. The winner of a takedown rolls for damage (bare hands or daggers if so equipped). THe winner of the takedown is "on top" for the combat. In subsequent turns, the figures *grapple* -- they strike with daggers (and get counterattacks if they haven't moved). Daggers do double damage in HTH. Figures "on top" can disengage from the HTH combat at will. Figures on the bottom must make a 3/DX roll. This system might work well for human-sized figures, but I can easily see it being abused -- "I enter HTH with the 7 hex dragon..." A few years of judo many years ago makes me sure that ST should somehow figure into this. I'd also like to see the defender have a chance to win the takedown, regardless of whether the attacker makes his DX roll.

No rules for facing or even being on the ground. In such a fluid combat system, facing rules could lead to some very bizarre results (especially when we remember that movement rates are *much* higher). No DX reduction for taking lots of damage. Figures can be wounded (at ST 0), but no rules for killing them.

Also, figures activate in initiative order, not in DX order.

Very different EP system. You get 1-2 EP per adventure. An attribute costs its next level in EP to increase. So to go from ST12 to ST13 will cost 13 EPs. Each skill (TFT talents) or spell costs one character point at creation, or 10 EP. This seems awfully expensive to me. (Beginning characters have ST9, DX9 IQ9 and 7 character points to allocate). However, hly skilled characters will be harder to develop than in TFT, which might not be a bad thing. The net result is that very high attribute levels should be rare. A wizard can spend EP to give his staff the ability to store ST for spellcasting. Cost is 1 ep for 1 ST capacity, +2 ep for 2 ST capacity, +3 ep for 3 ST capacity, +4 ep for 4 ST capacity, etc.

No difference between heroes and wizards. Everyone can learn spells and skills, but no spell casting if you have metal on. Spells are cast by a 3/IQ roll instead of DX. Spells have minimum IQ requirements, skills don't. Illusions do no actual damage. Summoned beings no longer require ST to maintain them. Weapon skills are apparently assumed; if you have a weapon skill, you do +1 damage.

Weapons and armor are identical to TFT. Armor and shields reduce DX per TFT. Weapons have ST levels.

So, here is a starting wizard/thief I ginned up:

Bob the Adequate


Skills: thief, lock picking
Spells: mist, summon warrior, speed

Equipment: staff, club 1d+1, small shield (wood?).

OTOH, here's a basher that I created:

DX:13 (10)

No skills

Equipment: Sword 2d, lg shield, leather armor (-4 hits total)


--Ty =====
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