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(TFT) Greetings TFT'ers After a long haitus: Questions: Clerics/Priests, scrolls, components, runescience?

Greetings TFT'ers After a long haitus: Im back. 

Clerics/Priests, scrolls, components, rune science? 

1) What do you guys do for a heal spell?

2) Spell component list? When you get a wizard who
wants to send you out for components he needs for his
spells potions etc... I remember a really long list
but I lost it.

3)Cost for purchasing a scroll at low level was about
300 gold... How do you make a scroll? is it worth the

4)I have a magic system called Runes Science that came
from an old game called Melanda back in 1981-2. This
is a noun verb system.  If you take the skill for 1 to
3 years... you get 1 to 3 d4 runes.  You put the runes
together and based on regular use and familiarity, you
get a success rating with combos. 

So lets say you have the rune for detect and another
for gold:  you draw each one on some material, taking
a minute or so to scribe and then to mentally focus
the mana thru the aperature in the ether.  The dm
gives you a target number. usually starting at about
35% + number of years youve taken it. So if you have 3
years of rune science, you get a base roll of 65%
pluse a few percent for each time you try, and more if
you take more than a minute to scribe the rune.

This is used as non combat magic. Though you could
Embue Flame into a weapon by scribing runes on it.
This makes it a one shot battle magic.

How would you guys implement that in TFT

5)Clerics/Priests, What do you guys do with them?

6)Good news: to complete my tft collection i finally
found forrests of dihad, and also got a cheap copy of
grailquest :)

7)Thanks to the guy who scanned in the ITL, AW, and
AM. Bless your little heart :) 
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