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Re: (TFT) Greetings TFT'ers After a long haitus: Questions: Clerics/Priests, scrolls, components, runescience?

1) What do you guys do for a heal spell?
5) Clerics/Priests, What do you guys do with them?

There's been a lot of discussion on this - you should
be able to find something in the archives.  Some folks
like the idea of healing magic, others don't.  If 
memory serves, there's been some effort to reconcile 
the two by saying that healing magic doesn't cause 
wounds to go away but instead reduces healing time.

I honestly don't know on which side I fall regarding
this subject.  Some days I like the idea of a D&D type
of healing spell - its fast and playable, other days 
I like the idea of just reducing healing time.

Probably any system you can devise is good enough as 
long as it's clearly spelled out (no pun intended), is
internally consistent and is applied consistently.

2) Spell component list?

Bleah.  I never liked using spell components, making 
sure that the wizards had them, etc.  Just a lot of 
bookkeeping.  That said, spell components serve to put
a limit on the power of a wizard since it reduces the 
spells he has access to: not only does have to have
the requisite IQ and the spell listed on his sheet, he
has to have the components too.  And what about scrolls?
If I cast a sleep spell off of a scroll, do I have to 
have the components for that spell ready (keep in mind
that the wizard may not even know what the components 
for the spell are!)

For me, I let the spell components slide (unless its
part of an adventure seed) and simply let the wizards
cast away.  Scrolls are one-shots that, provided you
have the IQ for them, allow you to cast spells that 
you don't have listed on your character sheet.

Alchemists are a different matter -- to me, they DO
require components as they are producing a physical
entity (ie, a potion).  

3) Cost for purchasing a scroll at low level was about
   300 gold... How do you make a scroll?

I'm not a wizard, I've never made a scroll, I wouldn't
even know what one looks like.

4) I have a magic system called Runes Science that came
   from an old game called Melanda back in 1981-2. 

There was a book written ages ago called "The Doomfarers
of Coramonde" that used a similar system to the one that
you describe.  Weapons could have runes inscribed on 
them, but to cast them the user had to use the weapon to
trace out the rune while saying a magical phrase of some
sort.  (It may have been as simple as pronouncing the 
name of the rune)  Anyway, you might get some ideas for
implementation from there.

One of the most original ideas of a magic system I've 
seen can be found in David Farland's "Runelords" series.
Basically, he uses runes and a kind of "branding" which
allows the one who is branded to gift the receiver with
physical attributes.  These gifts can accumulate and
allow the receiver extraordinary prowess.  For example,
one might have 5 gifts of sight, 20 gifts of metabolism,
10 gifts of strength, etc.

6) Good news: to complete my tft collection i finally
   found forrests of dihad, and also got a cheap copy of
   grailquest :)


7) Thanks to the guy who scanned in the ITL, AW, and AM. 
   Bless your little heart :) 

I did not hear that ... I did not hear that ...    :)
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