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Re: (TFT) Greetings TFT'ers After a long haitus: Questions: Clerics/Priests, scrolls, components, runescience?

1) What do you guys do for a heal spell?

In TFT, we had no heal spells. Healing potions only.
When I adapted my TFT campaign to GURPS, some people knew the GURPS Magic healing spells, but those are massively effective, so I added an expensive ingredient requirement (somewhat cheaper than a TFT healing potion) and also a side-effect rich critical failure table, so it was risky to use.

2) Spell component list? When you get a wizard who
wants to send you out for components he needs for his
spells potions etc... I remember a really long list
but I lost it.

In TFT we didn't embellish this much beyond what's in AW.

3)Cost for purchasing a scroll at low level was about
300 gold... How do you make a scroll? is it worth the

Scrolls didn't get used unless there was a reason to use one, which wasn't often. I don't remember it being 300 gold for a simple scroll though - 300 silver maybe.

4)I have a magic system called Runes Science that came
from an old game called Melanda back in 1981-2. ...
How would you guys implement that in TFT

Either I wouldn't use it, or might use the system as is, for wizards who learn a new talent for it (say at least IQ 11, 3 points, prereq: literacy). Thing is, it doesn't take into account TFT attributes, but maybe that's interesting. If I didn't want to use percentile dice, I might map the percentages to the 3-die probabilities, and/or make it an IQ roll starting at 6 dice, minus one die per year of study, minimum 3 dice, maybe with a +1 to Adj.IQ per so many uses (50?), or something like that.

5)Clerics/Priests, What do you guys do with them?

In our TFT games, mainly they were social leaders/workers and didn't see a lot of use outside that. No "clergy are a variety of wizard" stuff. In GURPS, I had some who had certain magic spells as part of their discipline, on a per-sect basis.

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