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(TFT) A little something I've been working on

Here's a screenshot of something I've been working on.  It's another one of
my little personal projects.  It's a Flash version of 'Lords of the
Underearth'.  All maps/graphics/counters were hand drawn/traced by me.  I'm
not sure about posting it (the swf) on my website since it's pretty much a
direct port of the original game, but I thought that it may work to set up
battles for ITL since LOTU has provisions for doing just that.  It would
work as tactical RPG version of ITL.  Here's the picture:


Everything is done in flash.  It's not 100% done, but everything there at
this point works.  The combat tables work, scenarios can be loaded and
cleared, and the counter tab shows information about the selected counter.

The "I" button toggles the interface.
"X" deletes the currently selected counter.
"F" flips the counter.
"1-6" (5 in the screenshot) generates a random number from 1 to 6

Things to do:

Add ability to edit team color (not sure what I want to do here).
Add ability to add units (other than those in scenario).
Add more scenarios.
Tweak maps to fit better when arranged in ways besides "ABC".
Add button for Help/Info.
Add button/functionality for turn tracking.
Change map move method (edge of screen vs. edge of map)
Add hex reference numbers to the map system.

Plans for the future:

Create complete goblin race.
Change graphics to something more suitable.
Figure out a way to enable communication between two players.
  (This one is not possible with flash alone.  It would require
   some kind of front end (visual basic) or server (to host games).
   Putting Flash in a VB window uses a lot of extra memory (~64megs)
   and hosted games would require a server to host the games)

What cha think?
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