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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #715

In a message dated 12/26/05 5:23:06 PM !!!First Boot!!!, 
tft-owner@brainiac.com writes:

> <<Choose two weapons (a shield counts as a weapon) for each character. 
> Everyone starts with a dagger. (See the statistics concerning Giants 
> and Trolls for their weapon restrictions.) Choose armor for each 
> character (if the race gets armor), and adjust DEXband MA according to 
> your armor choice. No one can take Fine Plate. (Exception: see humans 
> special ability.)>>

This is one of the few things that bug me in melee. Obviously a human can 
only grasp 2 1 hand items or 1 2 handed one, BUT........that's what belts and/or 
scabbards/sheaths are for. With the current rules I cannot realistically model 
a Roman Legionary for example. A pila, a gladius, and a scutum shield are 
three items. Why can't he sheaf the sword and carry the other two?

I propose allowing a humanoid shaped character to still hold two items (or 1 
2 hander), and in ADDITION carry two items on a belt - 1 on each on each hip 
and 1 slung on the back (if a shield) or worn on a back scabbard. I suppose one 
should also allow dagger/knife sheaf's on each boot and forearm, but I 
consider this abusing the system/rules weaseling...Maybe allowing ONE dagger/knife 
hidden that way, unless the character is a knife specialist? (carries NOTHING 
but knives...LOTS of knives...:-) ). 


Gimli the Dwarf from LOTR

2 handed battle-ax: slung on back
throwing hatchet: left hip
1 handed battle-ax: right hip
2 handed battle-ax: carried on both hands

Roman Legionary:

dagger (pugio)- left hip
shortsword (gladius hispanicus)-right hip
pila (throwing javelin) - right hand
tower shield (scutum) - left hand -

 NOTE: many shields have tight arm rings and allow the left hand to grasp 
things. I have seen illustrations showing legionaries holding a second pila with 
the left hand -- the weapon is held vertically and pressed against the inside 
of the shield. Doctrine is the throw the first pila and then grab the second 
one with the right hand from the left hand and throw it as well. I don't know 
how practical this is or even realistic, but it is something to consider. Also 
in the movie TROY-Achilles and Hector had their shortswords sheafed in a 
scabbard mounted on the inside of the roundshields. I don't know if this is 
historically accurate though...Maybe we should allow knives/daggers, darts, and 
shortswords to be scabbarded inside of large and tower shields?

The biggest problem with this whole mess is there is no encumbrance rules 
like in Runequest to prevent abuses of the system. Perhaps MA and/or DEX should 
go down 1 per turn for each weapon (knives/daggers count half, shields + 2 
handed weapons count as 2 for this rule) carried in excess of the 2 weapon + 1 
dagger limit?

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