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Re: (TFT) hollow Cidri

At 03:41 PM 2/4/2006, you wrote:

And the planed third post would introduce the concept of a "gravity corona" with appropriated descriptions and supporting arguments. Instead I just submit the pure math here in the form of an algorithm. In my gravity lab program the following works. And elegantly at that.

d := DistanceSqr(p1,p2);
d := d - (p2.corona_radius * p2.corona_radius);
d := 1/d;
d := d * p2.mass * GRAVITY_CONSTANT;

Then just normalize and apply to the vector. Of course one could also just subtract the corona from the distance before taking the square. Instead of subtracting the square of the corona. Either way. All physics would behave properly. From the moon staying in it proper orbit to apples hitting the ground at the right speed. That and the surface tension of water will be what we are used to. The neatest by product of this is that objects near the center are drawn outward. Just as suggested people will be able to walk along the inside of the hollow earth. What a coincidence it is that I happen to be working in the area planet creation and stable solar systems. At this point I can make no informed comment on tides though.

David Michael Grouchy II

Hi David,
I must admit, I find your math as clear as the plans for a nuclear reactor! :-D The problem is my ignorance, not your ability. However, I find the hollow Cidri idea intriguing so here is a question for you.

If the physics of Cidri allows the surface inhabitants to be Earth-like in all respects, how would the inhabitants of the core be affected, assuming of course they could live in the hollow core. Would their "gravity" be stronger or weaker? I would think it would be stronger since the "surface of the inner core would be much less than the outer surface. Should they decide to invade the outer world, what would our intrepid characters be facing?

        Man! I made a TFT post! I feel rejuvenated!
                                                        David aka Nocstar
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