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(TFT) If you are looking for ITL and Tollenkar

-- Sethkimmel@aol.com wrote:---------------------

Now to find Tollenkar's Lair, 
Death Test 2, and some of the better original microadventures. 
 and another copy of ITL as mine is VERY ratty...).

    A couple of years ago I purchased a departing list member's TFT collection in bulk and then distributed them them among interested list members.  

For further details of the collection see list archives here:


As it happens, the things that did not find a home include ITL (both a well worn copy and the mint copy) and Tollenkar's Lair, as well as DT1 (sorry not the one you are interested in.

If you (or any other list member) are interested in any of the 4 remaining items send me an off list e-mail.  I never got around to putting them on E-Bay since I really liked finding most of the collection a home among list members.


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