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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #721

-- Sethkimmel@aol.com wrote:-----------------------
> The looks of shock and horror on my players faces when the encountered termagent number T301 was priceless.

"BUGS MR. RICO!!!!!!!! ZILLIONS OF 'EM!!!!!!!!"   sorry; couldn't resist. I'm 
stealing this one - GOOD idea

Glad you like it.  No effect on the game at all, just a fun way to torment the players.  And really, isn't that what being the GM is all about?  You'd think they'd catch on after all these years.

On the plus side, since I had over 100 bug counters printed out, when they killed a bug, we tore up the counter so they got a real visceral sense of accomplishment.  OK, sometimes I throw the players a bone.


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