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Re: (TFT) Rant: part VI

From: casliber@ozemail.com.au

. . . in them wizards are generally selfish, conniving bureaucrats
(much like politicians) with loads of genies. I can imagine
Garradors coming about in a fairly advanced wizard community
who are happy to enslave and not place too much a value on human life, but may well have nice individual members etc.

It doesn't have a name yet. It implies that the results of the group can be evil even while the individual memebers are decent. But i'm feeling the gist of this. The wizard's guild has a history of producing terrible monsters that they must hire adventurers to put down. At great expense. Maybe the guild existed for hundreds of years under a system where it was cheeper to drain-st from the masses than to pay for full aprentices and their training. Unwitting Aprentice, for a name?

David Michael Grouchy II
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