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(TFT) Rant: part II

But when they continued asking him, he looked up and said to them,
"He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her."
- John 8:7

II   Personal Identity in society.

Our Zeit Geist (spirit of the times) was individualism. The role playing games of the time reflect this. Experience points are recorded on the individual's character sheet. A magic item is possessed by one individual or another. Individuals can gain status, power, and rewards in our role playing games. I submit that the wheel has turned. Follower ship is the new Zeit Geist. Just as the Taoist say, everything is followed by its opposite; day by night, war by peace, life by death. So too Individualism is followed by joining, membership, and belonging. In a word; followership. These kids don't want to be Harry Potter. If you have noticed. They want to go to "Hogwarts" They want that membership. The popular culture, the Zeit Geist, is one of belonging and tribal identity. A version of D&D of this day would have statistics on a 3d6 scale like "number of clubs joined", "chance of fitting into a new club", "ability to leave a club on good terms", and/or "ratio of successful clubs formed, to clubs I have made that failed." Accomplishment points are awarded to the club, not the individual. This "club" won the national spelling bee. This "club" scores higher on finals than the school average. This "club" has consistently successful events. In Harry Potter, there is much ado about winning the "house cup".

Who was more important? Alexander the Great, or the watershed moment of Greek history when he came to the front. In an age of individualism one focuses on Alexander himself. In an age of followership one focuses on what a great team the Greeks were. How they had great levels of followership. Legendary even. Napoleonics wargamers have re-enacted waterloo. What if Napoleon had done this? What if Napoleon had done that? Followership is interested in other kinds of re-enactments. What If Ney had followed orders instead of going impetuous. What if the Old Guarde had not lost faith and broke ranks. Who is more important? Ford or the assembly line? Bill Gates, or the operating system? Euclid, or geometry?

I conclude this segment with these words. "Now that we see we can act."

David Michael Grouchy II
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