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RE: (TFT) Rant: part III

At 05:51 AM 2/11/06 -0600, David Michael Grouchy II wrote:

1) I wasn't impressed by any of the notes I saw from Howard Thompson regarding future game design, nor the actual rules that appeared.

2) It seems to me you may be reversing cause & effect in the "point cost of size" math detour discussion. I think a system that tries to take a game-power-balanced character creation & experience system and use it as a reason for why things would come to be, is letting unneeded rules get in the way of imagination and/or logical cause and effect. For example, even if I wanted to add such rules for a game where players were dragons, or to track my NPC dragon characters' development in detail, I'm pretty sure I would link their size to their age and/or diet, rather than to their experience points. For another example, if I wanted to score a dragon for purposes of my improved experience point rules, I might add to their combat value for the advantage of their size, but I wouldn't make it a square of hex size (a 14-hex creature is supposedly worth 196 character points, regardless of other abilities? No.) nor divide the value of its strength by its size. (I would however take into account though that the ST is mostly only useful for fatigue and damage resistance, and not for resulting weapon damage.)

There are some nice fun ideas under the V.S.R.P.S. section!

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