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Re: (TFT) Memories --> Tim gives us the goods on Dave???

Ha! What a good story! I'd forgotten how we initiated you with Death Test 1, so very long ago. Shame on me for forgetting about the Bear Room! 
  Yes, I did run a TFT campaign at Eastern. We would play on the weekends and nights when you were not running your RuneQuest or C&S campaigns.  Let's see...Joe, Butch, and Wade were my regular players. Jeff was a regular too, until he left school.
  Dave, it was a guy named Jim Poole who back-stabbed Joe's hobbit. That was not one of my shining moments as a GM. Here it is 26 years later and I still feel bad for Joe. I shouldn't have let Poole do that. He was just making a "guest appearance" one night with our campaign group, and he decided to be a bad guy. Messing up the campaign for Joe's favorite character was not anyone's idea of fun (except Jim's).
  You did play in "The Vikings" and "Seventh Voyage" melee adventures. We played them at your apartment in H-ville, because you had that nice huge hex map with the plexiglass cover that allowed us to use markers to draw terrain features and stuff.  I totally understand that you might not remember, that was close to 20 years ago.
  I caught up with you by using Google a few years ago. I've visited your website a few times. I really liked the "Bridge at Khazad-dum" adventure you designed for Melee. Oh yeah, your Xena costume is a hoot. :)
  Google showed me some articles you wrote for a SF fan club up there. You wrote movie reviews for the LOTR trilogy. I gotta say I agreed with most everything you wrote about the movies - they were good, but could have been so much better.
  These days I mainly play computer games. A few months ago I started back in an RPG group (after not playing for years). We're playing the new Serenity RPG, based on the Serenity movie and Firefly television series. Not sure if you are a fan of it, but it's pretty big down here. 
  I've been here in Houston for 16 years, ever since I left Huntsville. 

David Miller <djmiller@i-2000.com> wrote:

You did indeed introduce me to Melee. The members of this list might 
get a kick out of this story...

It was a Saturday night at college and you, Butch (who is on this list) 
and Joe were playing this little game on a tiny hex map with some 
pretty crappy painted lead figures (I remember lots of orcs for some 
reason). You guys had been after me to try to play it for sometime so I 
finally decided to give in. You pulled out Death Test 1 and put 
together a character for me and while I tried to remember what the f__k 
STR did Joe told me that I was going to lead the party since I'd never 
played it before and they had gone through it dozens of times already 
and something about not heading the party to the bear room whatever the 
heck that was. So what did I do? I led the party straight to the bear 
room. I was dead in a matter of 10 minutes and as I sat there and 
watched everyone else continue to play on without me I remember 
thinking what a sucky little game this is and how was I going to bail 
out of the room in a way that I wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. So 
that was my introduction to Melee.

If I remember correctly you guys continued to play it a lot over at 
Butch's house on weekends. I do remember some of you talking a lot 
about the game you were running and how Joe had lost a hobbit character 
that he had played because Butch (I think), while fighting a giant, 
shot him in the back with an arrow and did triple damage. I recall 
thinking, oh, that sucky little game again. Now my memory goes a little 
fuzzy here. We were mainly playing some heavy duty, serious gaming 
using Runquest rules and I don't really remember playing much more (if 
any) TFT at college. It wasn't until after I graduated that, on a whim, 
I picked up a copy of the rules (the edition with the naked gargoyle on 
the cover) to see what this was all about. If you hadn't tried to 
introduce me to it in the first place I don't know if I would have ever 
bought it. What followed has been a love affair with this little game. 
I don't even care to try to count the number of games I've played since 
then. And never with counters. Since that first night going into the 
Death Test with the crappy painted miniatures I've always played with 

After college and in between our weekly Cthulhu game we did play TFT 
several times. But it was mainly mass combat, arena style one nighters 
if I recall. I'm trying to remember the Viking, Seventh Voyage of 
Sinbad games. Did I play in those? Or did you game those down at the 
Saturday club at the bank? (By the way the other game I was always glad 
you introduced me to was Circus Maximus. I manage to play that about 
once a year with a historical gaming group here on Long Island.)

So welcome to the list. I've been hanging out in here for a few years 
now. Even though it gets quite every now and then all it takes is a few 
e-mails and it seems to spring back to life. I hope we haven't bored 
the regular members with stories from our early days of gaming.

If you want to catch up you can e-mail me off list.
--David O. Miller
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