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RE: (TFT) Interplay Magazine - Wish

No need for sighs. I can scan documents and put them into pdf format. If people have issues of Space Gamer or Interplay, send them to me. I'll scan them and put then into pdf documents and post them on my website.

As a matter of fact, I offered to do so a few days ago; and I was pleased to get a response from a gentleman who told me he would send me some of his gaming magazines for scanning.

If anyone else is interested, please send me a private email to get my mailing address.

Be well and Good Gaming.

-- John

From: DJA Redick <mazewerx@yahoo.ca>
Reply-To: tft@brainiac.com
To: tft@brainiac.com
Subject: (TFT) Interplay Magazine - Wish
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:01:24 -0500

Wouldn't it be nice, if we could also have the issues of Interplay Magazine
in pdf form?

I so much would love to have these issues. I lost mine a long time ago.


Don Redick
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