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(TFT) I knew this guy (1

     Let me tell you about this guy I knew.  He showed me his pride and joy, his Paladin Lord.  He had been playing this D&D character for years.  He had so much treasure and equipment it took twelve sheets of paper to list it all.  He told me "This guy is so good, he can beat six baalrogs single handedly."  I was interested so I examined the sheets a little closer and told him I could beat this Paladin Lord with just six baalrogs. 
     We arranged a time and place to have it out with paper and pencils.  He started getting nervous and saying things like... 
    "I want all my equipment to act like it always has.  I don't want any of the magic rules to suddenly change under my feet.  I don't want to be anywhere strange; in fact, I want to start out in the bedroom of my own castle in my own world.  I don't want..." 
    "Relax, it'll be a fair fight." I said.  "You're fully armed and armoured, standing in the master bedroom of your castle when a portal opens up in one wall.  Through the portal you see a one hundred foot by one hundred foot stone platform, floating in the middle of the abyss.  It comes flush right up to your wall.  Standing on the opposite side are six baalrogs, waiting.  What do you do?" 
    "I ready my holy avenger and close to attack." 
    "The six baalrogs combine their telekenesis and toss you into the abyss where your character is lost forever." 
    "What!?"  he said. 
    "I added up the encumbrance total of all twelve sheets of loot you have there, and the combined telekenisis of six baalrogs can lift more than that.  See here... and the begining of the section on Demons where it says abilities all demons have?" 
    He checked the numbers and admitted defeat.  It was a new experience for him.  He had never been beaten by encumbrance before.  I have found that the basics are usually the best way to beat the high and mighty. 
      David Michael Grouchy II 

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